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Your First Visit

If you decide to try a session, the first step is to contact me by telephone, text, or email and request an appointment or free 15-minute consultation.

After we talk, we can decide whether to set up an appointment for an office visit or skype session. We can decide on a day and time that works for both of us, and I will provide you with clear and easy to follow directions if you choose an office visit.

When you arrive for an office appointment, you will find my office is situated in an office building located on a quiet street in a discreet location in north-central San Antonio. Ample free parking is available directly in front of the office building. I will meet you in the private lobby promptly at your scheduled time because I do not believe in keeping my clients waiting.

Once you are comfortably seated in my private office, I will ask you to complete a few simple forms. This process will take a few minutes and I will be right there to answer any questions you may have.

Because I understand how very important it is to most people seeking therapy, I will spend some time with you talking about confidentiality. Primarily, what we discuss in my office remains, by law, confidential. I will not disclose any information about you unless you give me written permission to do so. The law does, however, mandate certain exceptions under specific circumstances, and we will discuss these exceptions in detail.

After that, we will spend time getting to know each other and talking about your specific situation—what brings you to therapy, what problems or issues you are concerned about, what your goals are for therapy. During this process, I will ask questions from time to time, but mainly the floor is yours to talk about whatever you need to talk about.

As we near the end of the session, we will identify together specific issues that you would like to work on and formulate a plan for you to begin to address these issues. I may recommend that you obtain and read a book or two related to your identified issues to help you learn more about them. I may suggest that you do certain activities or “homework” prior to your next appointment such as journaling, reciting daily affirmations, or attending 12-Step meetings. You will then have the opportunity to ask any remaining questions you may have.

The session will end promptly at the scheduled time so that I may give my next client the courtesy of an on-time appointment.

Most clients tell me they experience some relief by the end of their first session due to a sense of connection, their belief that they were heard, and the development of a treatment plan.

My therapy style is one of support and encouragement; I don’t shame, belittle, or judge. I strive to create a safe and collaborative environment. Together, we can begin the journey to a healthier, happier you, with stronger relationships and positive, lasting change.

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