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Is Therapy for Me?

Are you having trouble deciding if therapy is for you? Are you used to dealing with your own problems? Do you have difficulty asking others for help? Do you believe that asking for help may be a sign of weakness? Recognizing that these are common concerns, I have developed a list of questions to help you with this process. If your response to any of the following questions is yes, then I would encourage you to seek professional help.

Do you struggle with drug or alcohol abuse?

Do you engage in self-defeating, dangerous, or illegal sexual behavior?

Do you spend too much time online for sexual purposes?

Have you ever tried to stop a behavior and felt worse if you failed?

Have you ever been married to or been in a primary relationship with an addict or alcoholic?

Have you experienced abuse during your childhood (physical, emotional, sexual)?

Have you ever experienced a traumatic event that is significantly impacting your life (war, violence, rape, accident, natural disaster)?

Do you repeat the same patterns in relationships (romantic and non-romantic)?

Do you experience uncontrolled outbursts of anger or rage?

Do you experience chaos and turmoil in relationships (romantic and non-romantic)

Do you neglect to care for or value yourself while in relationships (romantic and non-romantic)?

Have you lost interest in things that used to interest you?

Do you have days when you just don’t want to get out of bed?

Do you have difficulty processing stress and anxiety?

Do you feel rudderless or that you have lost your purpose in life?

Do you avoid conflict, not ask for what you need or want, or engage in people pleasing as a way of meeting the needs of others?

Have you ever thought of harming yourself (suicide, cutting, etc.)?

Do you have any unresolved grief or loss?

Do you want to improve your relationships but don’t know how?

Do you enter into relationships because you will feel guilty if you don’t?

Do you want to learn how to be an authentic person, characterized by integrity, genuineness and the ability to love and be loved?

These are all serious issues that you need not face alone. I am here to help you. Contact me and together we will find a way.

* I also offer phone and skype appointments.

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